More VS 2010 Beta Seats Available

More VS 2010 Beta Seats Available

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OK, you asked for it.  We responded.

The absolute best that I can do is to open up 150 more seats for each exam.

Same beta codes.

Register now as this will be the only increase that will be authorized.

By the way, thanks for this awesome response in registering for these exams.  Best of luck to all of you!


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  • Hi Nick,

    I agree.

    My comments are to those who think we should have one exam that covers the .NET core concepts.  536 does not do that currently, not to mention the fact that it covers some things developers may never use.

    Even the core concepts of the framework are still too large for one exam.


  • Sir,

    The .NET Framework 4 exams are still 'in development'... So, when they go live, is there a chance that there will be some changes in the current objectives? Or the 'in development' means the examination questions(testing) are under development??

    I want to take the MCTS .NET 4 exams when they go live[I'm from India, and so we cannot take the betas :-(]... I will start with the 70-511 exam... So, must i study the 70-536 training kit to become "fundamentally strong"? Plz suggest...

  • Hi Shubhirka,

    'In development' means that the exams are not at a stage where they can be released live.  It encompasses the design, item creation, review, beta, and score setting.

    The prep guide that you see online will not change. The final version of the exam will still map to those skills listed.

    As for studying the 70-536 training kit, the choice is yours but you must use the skills measured section of the prep guide to know which areas are covered on the exam.  70-536 only covers core .NET fundamentals and is not complete coverage of what exists in .NET 4 or exam 70-511.


  • 6303950

    In regards to the test centers charging, there should be no charge at all and I am having this looked into at the moment.

    Please be patient as this takes time.

    Also, I cannot publish the information you placed in your post, to a public forum such as this so your comments have to be moderated to protect the testing center IDs.


  • Saurav,

    Discussion of exam content is not permitted and goes against the NDA you agreed to.  Your posting will be removed for this reason.


  • Gerry,

    Exam 71-519 crashes the prometric app. I got as far as answering all the questions, but was unable to continue and leave any comments. I assume the app gets confused because question 1 is not really a question but an instruction for the following questions.

    I am saying this because others will be taking this exam and prometric might take a while to fix the issue, judging by the fact that the test center admin was on hold for 30 minutes when trying to reach the prometric helpdesk.

  • Nick,

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Can you please send your feedback, if you can remember what specifics you wanted to leave, directly to me at

    I'll also pass on the information to our Prometric liason for action.


  • If I am an MCPD 3.5 Windows applications, then what do I need to take to upgrade to 4.0 MCPD?

  • Mike,

    There will be two upgrade exams released around the time the MCTS and MCPD exams go live.  Take the upgrade exam and earn your MCPD and multiple MCTS exams at once for .NET 4.


  • So, I will only have to take the Exam 70-521? If so, what certifications does that give me?

  • Mike,

    MCPD: Windows Developer 4

    MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications

    MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications

    MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access


  • Is there any chance these exams will be available at TechEd?  

    There looks to be a lot of work going on to provide testing and training at TechEd.


  • Hi Josh,

    Unfortunately no.  The timelines don't match up.

    The beta period ends April 30 and the live versions won't be in market until approx. June 28th.


  • Gerry, this is a very important query -

    As per the Microsoft Certification Retirement Policy, the certs get retired when the product mainstream support ends. So, i just checked the Mainstream Support End-date for VS2005 and it says 4/12/2011... However, there is an extended support date 4/12/2016!

    So starting from which of the above two dates, the VS2005 certs are retiring? I'm confused, plz let me know...

  • Hi Jacob,

    The current retirement date is set at 4/12/2011 for the exam.  It may change in the future but will be announced at least one year prior to the actual retirement.


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