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    Get Ready for the ASP.NET 3.5 MCTS Exam

    This exam will also be releasing in beta form shortly. Again, watch your MCP Flash for the invitation. This is the new MCTS exam for ASP.NET developers who want to be certified on developing ASP.NET applications using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework...
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    Free Certification Exams

    <warning> This is a long post </warning> Want to see if you’re ready to develop for the Azure platform? Do you have what it takes to create Web apps using ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX and Silverlight? What about desktop apps using WPF? Perhaps...
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    Register for Visual Studio 2010 Beta Exams

    You are invited to take part in one or more beta exams for Visual Studio 2010 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. If you pass one of the beta exams, the exam credit will be added to your transcript and you will not need to take the exam in its released...
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    Visual Studio 2010 Exams Are Changing

    Well, just a little. After much thought, and then some more, along with discussions with the community, the product groups for Visual Studio and .NET 4, our own internal folks and anyone else who wanted to chime in, we have finally decided on most of...
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    Visual Studio 2008 Certification Training Kits

    I know there are a lot of people wondering about these and other training for the new 3.5 certifications. Our Training Kit Product Planner was nice enough to provide me with a summary of the planned Training Kits and their current expected release dates...
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    More VS 2010 Beta Seats Available

    OK, you asked for it.  We responded. The absolute best that I can do is to open up 150 more seats for each exam. Same beta codes. Register now as this will be the only increase that will be authorized. By the way, thanks for this awesome response...
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    Calling All C++ Developers

    Ok, that's sort of like a marketing thing where I put a headline out there just to get you to read my post. Sorry, but I have a very serious question to ask you and I need your feedback. For those of you who are developing using Microsoft's Visual C+...
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    Exam 70-565 Prep Guide

    Some of you are asking about information on what this exam will cover and the prep guides are not updated on the public pages yet.  In the meantime, I have posted the prep guide information here.   Target Audience Candidates for this exam work...
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    What’s Up With the New MCPD Exams?

    There was a question posted over on Trika’s blog about the new .NET 3.5 pro exams based on the Prep guides. Michael basically asked, “In .net 2.0, Pro exams there was a heavy focus on testing, design and the theoretical part of software development. When...
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    MCAD: New Paths to Certification

    If you are an MCAD, and are working with Visual Studio 2005, we have news for you. We have created two new paths to help you earn a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) credential so you can prove to employers and customers you have the skills...
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    Certification Update and Small Survey

    We are almost locked on our Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 certification track.  Lots of discussions around this internally and a potential change in the landscape.  At this point in time, it’s looking like the MCPD track will change...
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    How to Drive a Standard Transmission Vehicle

    This post is a result of being behind someone in a manual shift car yesterday who clearly had no idea how to drive it. Having been a driver instructor and driver examiner in the Canadian military for some time, perhaps I'm a little too hard nosed on...
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    ASP.NET and ADO.NET Beta Exams Extended

    So, after giving Bryant a hard time on his blog about posting the beta codes for these two exams, we now find ourselves in a position where uptake from the normal channels is low.  Bryant didn’t steal or expose any proprietary information BTW...
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    Dates Set for Visual Studio 2010 Exam Design

    October and November will be busy months around here as we start design on the Visual Studio 2010 exams.  These sessions will be a little different than what we did for VS2008 as we are working with our Portfolio Design team on a combined effort...
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    Microsoft Certifications: How do I upgrade my MCAD or MCSD?

    Sorry for the long time between posts but work just keeps getting in the way.  Along with moonlighting and University.  Oh well, moonlighting is pretty much over and my final has been written.  Woohoo, more free time.  Yeah right!...
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    SQL Server Beta Exams Extended, Open Invitation

    Below, you will find two beta exams invitations for SQL Server 2008 DBA 71-432 and SQL Server 2008 BI 71-448. These exams will be available until July 31, 2008. 71-432 - Promo code 943F6 You are invited to take beta exam 71-432: TS: Microsoft...
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    Visual Studio 2010 Exams Update

    We are just finishing up week two of intense exam design sessions today.  Last week we created the outline for the MCTS Windows and Web exams.  Lots of great discussion by a group of excellent subject matter experts for each session.  Please...
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    SQL Server 2008 and Certifications

    Ok, so we have communicated to you about Visual Studio 2008, but some of you are saying what about SQL Server 2008? Well, as you may or may not know, SQL Server 2008 will not ship until some time next year, 2008. As a result, you have lots of time to...
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    Get Ready for the ADO.NET 3.5 MCTS Exam

    This exam is due to be in beta very shortly. Sorry no exact dates just yet so don't ask. :-) Watch your MCP Flash and/or forums for the invitation. But, are you ready for it? How do you know? Be certain. Have a look at what will be covered on this...
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    Exams Live Today

    Three of our .NET 3.5 exams went live today.  70-502: Windows Presentation Foundation 70-503: Windows Communication Foundation 70-504: Windows Workflow Foundation That means the scoring for the beta exam is complete and those who took the beta exams...
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    Status Update on Exam Release Dates

    A few are asking, so I thought I would post this morning what our current release dates are for the remaining exams. SQL Server 70-433 – February 27, 2009 Visual Studio 70-505 – February 5, 2009 70-563 – February 3, 2009 70-565 – February 23, 2009 70...
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    Microsoft Certifications: Where Do I Start? (A Series)

    I am kicking off a series of posts today that are designed to address your questions around getting or updating a Microsoft certification.  The series will follow this outline; 1) I'm new to Microsoft certifications.  Where do I start? 2) I...
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    Weekly Exam Status Update

    Here are the current schedule dates for the developer and SQL Server exams that are set to release in either beta or live version. Dates are mm/dd/yyyy. SQL Exams 70-432 - Live 70-433 - 12/10/2008 (live release) 70-448 - Live 70-450 - 11...
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    Microsoft Certifications: I Am an MCDBA, What Are My Options for the New Generation Certifications?

    If this sounds like you, then we are one and the same.  I am still sitting on my MCDBA SQL Server 2000.  Shame on me at least, but not necessarily on you. So, what are we to do?  How can we fix this, assuming we want to fix it?  The...
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    Developer Certification Changes

    Early information but at this point, it looks as though there will be two new exams for SharePoint developers coming.  An MCTS and an MCPD for Office SharePoint Server.  Some of you asked for the MCPD at PDC and I indicated at the time that...
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