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    RegEx Is Your Friend

    The power of VSTE DBPro data generation, lays in the fact you can generate data that closely matches your domain values allowed in your environment. The problem is that knowledge of the allowed and disallowed domain values can not always be derived from...
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    How To Run as Normal User

    Can you use Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals running as a normal Windows user? Yes! You have to provision the Windows user with the appropriate rights and privileges on the local SQL Server instance that is used for design time validation...
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    CTP7 is Live!

    We are happy to announce that CTP7 is already here, no need to wait till next Monday, here it is! http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/1/9/319c5020-0fed-4dc1-b043-69567fda3941/TeamDataCTP7.exe CTP6 was only released 2 weeks ago, so what changed? We...
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