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January, 2007

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My name is Gert Drapers, I am a Software Architect in the Windows Server Directory Services team, working on incubation projects. Before my current role I was the Lead Software Architect and Engineering Manager of the Visual Studio Team System Database Edition product, where I designed and developed the declarative database development tooling which is now shipping inside Visual Studio. Since 1991, I contributed to many parts and releases of Microsoft SQL Server and on the Transaction Management infrastructure (MS-DTC, WS-AtomicTransaction and System.Transactions).


When I am not working, I am spending time with my wife and three lovely daughters; I love to cook and make music. Besides that I am trying to serve the SQL Server community by writing tools and articles which are published on http://SQLDev.Net


I hope you enjoy the blog,


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    Idempotent Scripts Required

    Idempotent, as a former transaction guy I love this word and believe you are not alone if you are not clear on the meaning or impact of this word. Wikipedia is there to help. Idempotent: In computing , idempotence ( IPA /ˈaɪdɛmˌpotn̩s/, like eye-DEM-potence...
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    Pre and Post Deployment Events

    The UI provides support for pre and post build events (see the "Build Events" project property page), however some of you have been asking if it is possible to have steps invoked before or after the deployment step. This will show you how to do this....
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    White Papers

    Today we published the a new white paper titled: " A Security Overview of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals " written by Richard Waymire . In case you missed the first one from Tony Loton " What Microsoft Visual Studio...
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    Error and Warning Groups

    One of the things we did at the end of the product cycle, when we decided that we need to allow you to filter out warnings, is to clean up all error and warning messages and concisely group them in to specific buckets. Understanding these buckets will...
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    Version Numbers

    Today more then one person asked me about the version numbers of the publicly distributed versions of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals; so here we go, this is the complete version list. 2.0.50727.354 Service Release 1 2.0.50727.251...
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    MSDN Magazine Coverage

    You might want to check out Brian Randell his article in MSDN Magazine this month, titled "Data Joins The Team - Introducing Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals". It will provide you with a great overview of our tool and some of...
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    Variables to the rescue

    Do you have a need to make parts of your build conditional or environment dependent? Variables are here to help you. The variable support inside Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals is based on SQLCMD variables , see SQL Server Books...
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    Add-on to Team Suite

    Based on your feedback and continuous confusion about what to download or install we created an additional installer for those who currently have Visual Studio 2005 Team System installed. There now is a separate add-on installer specifically for adding...
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    Need Samples?

    We have now got a Codeplex project to serve you! Check out http://www.codeplex.com/vsdbpro , the first set of samples has been checked in. Test conditions: ResultSet Count: a test condition which verifies that the number of resultsets returned equals...
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