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August, 2008

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My name is Gert Drapers, I am a Software Architect in the Windows Server Directory Services team, working on incubation projects. Before my current role I was the Lead Software Architect and Engineering Manager of the Visual Studio Team System Database Edition product, where I designed and developed the declarative database development tooling which is now shipping inside Visual Studio. Since 1991, I contributed to many parts and releases of Microsoft SQL Server and on the Transaction Management infrastructure (MS-DTC, WS-AtomicTransaction and System.Transactions).


When I am not working, I am spending time with my wife and three lovely daughters; I love to cook and make music. Besides that I am trying to serve the SQL Server community by writing tools and articles which are published on http://SQLDev.Net


I hope you enjoy the blog,


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    Getting to the Crown Jewels

    The crown jewels of the Database Edition product are the SQL parsers and script generator, these two pieces form the foundation of what the database project system does internally. The parser, parses T-SQL code and turns it in to a script fragment, where...
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    I got lots of questions based on my last post regarding the parser and script generator and the ability to redistribute the bits. If you own an official copy of Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR you are allowed to redistribute these...
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    VSTSDB 2008 GDR CTP16 is here!

    The team is happy to announce that we just released CTP16, of the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR release. We are yet another step closer to reaching the finish line which is waiting for us at PDC in Oct of this year. This release...
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    Event Monitor

    In part 2 of diagnosing problems I want to introduce you to an other build-in diagnostics tools that we might ask you to run with tracking down problems, the "event monitor". The event monitor is one of those tools that we use during development...
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    Diagnosing Problems (updated for the GDR)

    NOTE: This article has been updated to apply to the latest Visual Studio 2008 Team System Database Edition GDR and GDR R2 releases. How to diagnose problems in the Visual Studio 2008 Team System Database Edition GDR (and GDR R2) release is the subject...
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    Trace Helper

    This is the last part of the 3 part diagnostics series. This part will introduce you to a little helper utility that I wrote to make configuring the diagnostics and tracing options a lot simpler and more accessible. As discussed in the previous two blog...
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    VSTSDB GDR CTP15 and VS2008 SP1 AND SQL Server 2008 RTM

    I received enough questions asking if the VSTDB 2008 GDR CTP15 release is supported and working in combination with the released versions Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and SQL Server 2008? And if so what the correct order of installation is? GDR CTP15 is working...
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    Radio TFS covering the VSTSDB 2008 GDR

    The hosts of Radio TFS, Martin Woodward , Mickey Gousset and Paul Hacker interviewed me on the what is new and changed in the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR CTP16 release. Since there are so many new things in the GDR we ran out of...
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