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February, 2007

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    SaaS Sample Application Finally HERE!

    It took us a bit more than expected, but a few minutes ago, we released Litware HR: our SaaS sample application. The sample is a fictitious HR application, but what matters is not what it does, but how it does it. Architected as a single instance...
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    LitwareHR and Windows Server 2003

    I have received many emails and one blog comment about LitwareHR needing Windows 2003 to run. The reason is explained here . Note that you can download a virtual image of Windows Server 2003 here (free eval copy). You will of course need Virtual PC...
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    Microsoft SaaS Architecture Brainpower Just Increased

    I have a new member in my SaaS Architecture team, Eugenio Pace of Composite UI Application Block / Web Client Software Factory fame just joined the team. This is very cool. Why? 2 reasons: a) Eugenio is a very talented architect who will be bringing a...
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    More about LitwareHR

    My friend Ron "Arcast" Jacobs just published a couple of videos we shot a few days before releasing our SaaS sample application LitwareHR . Here are the first 2 episodes... more to come. Intro: - LitwareHR Introduction with Gianpaolo Carraro...
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