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January, 2008

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    An "S+S World"

    Below is an diagram I have been using for a while in my presentations on software + services (more about s+s here ); so due to popular demand :) here is an explanation of it in my blog. The image is meant to represent the new (or evolving) relationships...
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    Introducing Narumoto-san

    Many of the readers of this blog also follow Fred's blog and Eugenio's blog . It is now time to add another feed to your favorite RSS reader. It is my pleasure to introduce a new fearless architect in my team: Masashi Narumoto . Below Masashi finding...
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    Monetization: the next frontier of SaaS / S+S architecture

    Over the week end, I was looking at AMZN DevPay announcement and I started thinking in more general terms about the architectural impact of different monetization schemes. At a high level, software / service monetization can be put into 4 main categories...
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