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  • Blog Post: PDC is over, it was awesome! Now, off to Sydney

    What a week at the PDC ! With the CTP release Azure Services Platform I don't think that anyone is doubting anymore about Microsoft ability to understand and execute on "the cloud". But PDC was not only about the cloud, there was tons of stuff on the "this side of the cloud" i.e....
  • Blog Post: Cloudy Future for the Enterprise and most likely for ISVs too

    As I mentioned previously , the study of clouds (cloud computing of course) is becoming a very popular topic in the software industry. In the last couple of weeks alone, I read tens of articles on the subject. I found many of them proposing various type of taxonomies for cloud computing, utility computing...
  • Blog Post: Nephologist: The Hottest Job in the Software Industry!

    Nephology (from the Greek word nephos for 'cloud') is the study of clouds and cloud formation. It seems to me that everybody in the IT industry wants to be an expert in cloud these days; cloud computing that is. Jokes apart, one thing I learned from the real clouds is that : Atmosphere is a dynamic system...
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