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  • Blog Post: Cloudy Future for the Enterprise and most likely for ISVs too

    As I mentioned previously , the study of clouds (cloud computing of course) is becoming a very popular topic in the software industry. In the last couple of weeks alone, I read tens of articles on the subject. I found many of them proposing various type of taxonomies for cloud computing, utility computing...
  • Blog Post: Build - Run - Consume - Monetize

    Build - Run - Consume - Monetize a.k.a BRCM (pronounced "breekam"?!) is a simple model that I am experimenting with to explain the primary concerns of each of the "actors" involved in software delivered as a service as well as understanding the multiple angles of platform support required by this fast...
  • Blog Post: Why a Deregulated IT would actually be good for Microsoft

    Following my previous post , some (internal and external) folks have asked me why I was performing seppuku by sharing my thoughts on Deregulated IT :) Their premise was that deregulated IT, taken to its logical conclusion could (would?) disrupt several Microsoft franchises such as Windows Server and...
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