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Silverlight for Mobile Demo 9/9 – Windows Vista Mobile

Silverlight for Mobile Demo 9/9 – Windows Vista Mobile

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I think that everybody here agree that Windows Vista is the best Microsoft operating system…from a UX point of view Wink

For this reason, I was curious to see how it would look like inside a PocketPc with a small screen. The result? It’s pretty obvious!! You cannot take an application developed for desktop…and make it run (with the same look and feel) on a mobile device. Mobile application are not just smaller application!


  • Hi gisardo,

    Looks really neat!

    Everybody likes Vista? From the UX point of view? ;-)

    *waiting for release*

  • UPDATE: Det lader til at community-server ikke vil lade mig poste embedded-videos, så I år

  • I'm linking this very inspiring and excellent tutorial on my blog.Looks really neat!

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