If you have enabled below Group policy at domain level to block all IE
  • Deny all add-ons unless specifically allowed in the Add-on
  • Add-on List
you will no longer be able to access CRM, you will get any of the below
1. Unsupported security settings.
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM required that ActiveX controls be enabled. your
current security settings prevent this.
Enable ActiveX controls and try again.
2. you will only see a part of the CRM website.
Here we need to understand the ActiveX controls / components we use in CRM
to add it in the Add-on list of the Group policy to make CRM work again. 
Below is the resolution to this issue.
Ask your Network Administrator to add the following GUID's / CLSID's to the
Add-on list
Control name                                                       










As an administrator you can use Group Policy Management Editor to change the policy


  1. Open your Group Policy Management console.
  2. Right click on the Default domain policy and click on edit.
  3. Expand Computer Configuration or User Configuration (depending on the type of policy in place or you want to implement), expand Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components, expand Internet Explorer, expand
    Security Features, and then click Add-on Management.
  4. The following policy settings are

         Deny all add-ons unless specifically allowed in the Add-on List

         Add-on List

         Process List

         All Processes


  1. Enable "Deny all add-ons unless specifically allowed in the Add-on List"
  2. Add above mentioned component GUID's to the Add-on list.
  3. Apply the changes.
  4. Do a gpupdate /force to get the policy updated..


Its done ...

Now you can access CRM.


Note: Above solution is applicable for CRM Vanilla / OOB installation. If you have customized your CRM to use any other control / component you need to add the GUID to the Group policy Add-on list.


Further,  below KB article discusses about the components and the related GUID's which you need to add to the Add-on list when you face similar issue with OWA
Best Regards,
Gireesh T G.