April, 2008

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    I love Onenote and evangelize it’s use equally as I evangelize CRM.

    This sarcasm from Office Offline blog by David Salaguinto is the best blog humor I’ve seen in a while.


    His blog is one of the reasons why I don’t effectively use my time at work :)

    BTW, shouldn’t he call it Office Dead (Live) instead of Office Offline. Hey, I’m just following the rules of our marketing here.

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    New Way to Submit Product Suggestions


    Updated in 2010 with new Connect Program Links

    Do you ever feel that you want to make a direct impact on the next version of the Dynamics Product?

    Being a Dynamics partner myself a few years ago, I’ve always wondered about an easy way to submit my thoughts directly to the product planning team.

    For all those Dynamics Partners and Customers out there, here is how you can do it in less than 5 minutes from the comfort of your desk/couch.


    Already a member? Click here and first search to see whether another community member has already entered a similar suggestion. If a similar suggestion already exists, simply use the voting mechanism in Microsoft Connect.

    If you have established that no similar suggestion has been submitted, click the “Submit Feedback” button and type in your suggestion along with the other relevant product and company information and click Submit. It’s that simple.

    Few things about this approach makes it my absolute favorite.

    1. It is build on the MS Connect so I’m very confident in entering my data and I can see this right next to the other programs that I’m part of.
    2. You can Rate/Validate an existing issue so that the product planning team takes a good look at it.
    3. You can submit your suggestions either publicly or in private. This lets me post some of the intricate details of my problem which I can’t do in a public newsgroup.

    So what are you waiting for?

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    WWT- It is all in the UX


    One of the great things about working at Microsoft is that you get to meet and talk to some of the greatest minds in the world.

    Soon after I blogged about WWT, Microsoft Research showcased it's work to all employees at an event called Techfest. Techfest is all the next and future generation stuff from Microsoft under one roof and is an amazing event.

    One of my favorite moment at Techfest was at the booth for WWT. Curtis Wong, the leader of WWT project was manning the booth himself. I stood right next to him and he walked me through the product like I'm his most important customer. To add to it, they gave me a preview of the application soon afterwards.

    Even though I don't know anything about astronomy, the start and the galaxies, it was still a very interesting application. More than anything else, the User eXperience (UX) of the application amazes me. Since it is not a public beta yet, I'll refrain from posting any screenshots. But I can't wait to for astronomers and professionals to post tours and let me learn a lot more about Astronomy and realize how insignificant I am in the world beyond ourselves!

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