I have been working closely with Steve Fox lately to put together some interesting scenarios on how we can bring the line of business data from Dynamics CRM and surface that using the SharePoint 2010 platform.

The first step in that effort is creating a simple developer demo wherein a Silverlight webpart running on SharePoint 2010 brings data from CRM 4.0 web services.


In this demo, we have a data grid showing some CRM accounts and once you choose an account, it displays the opportunities within the account by using a Chart from Silverlight toolkit. The data grid is also editable, so you can make changes and save them back to CRM. Also when you choose an account and click on “Publish to SharePoint” button, it uses the new Client Side Object Model (CSOM) in SharePoint to publish the data to a custom list in SharePoint.

You can download the current code for this project here: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/slsp2010crm4

Disclaimer: Please note that this is demo quality code without any optimizations or clean-up.


The code is currently using Visual Studio 2010 Beta2, Silverlight 4 Beta and SharePoint/Office 2010 Beta.

As we evolve this code, I’ll be updating the MSDN code gallery project page. Also I’ll post a Channel9 video soon that goes through the development process in detail. If you have any comments or feedback in the meantime, please feel free to send them my way.

Happy Webpartying!