In my quest to bring Office, SharePoint & CRM closer together, I tweaked an old demo and got it working with Office 2010 & SharePoint2010.


This demo showcases a custom add-in within Office 2010 that helps a Project Manager to create a status report document. The code uses a formatted document template and a custom task pane that pulls data from CRM. From the task pane, you can directly insert data into the word document. Also you can take portion of the document content and publish them to a custom SharePoint 2010 list using the Client Side Object Model.

You can download the current code for this project here:

Disclaimer: Please note that this is demo quality code without any optimizations or clean-up.

The code is currently using Visual Studio 2010 Beta2, Office 2010 Beta, WPF and SharePoint 2010 Beta.

As we evolve this code, I’ll be updating the MSDN code gallery project page. Also I’ll post a Channel9 video soon that goes through the development process in detail. If you have any comments or feedback in the meantime, please feel free to send them my way.

Happy Coding!