October, 2010

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    Meet me at DevConnections 2010


    This week I’ll be presenting at DevConnections conference in Las Vegas, specifically I’ll be at the SharePoint arm of the conference called SharePoint Connections. This is a 4-day conference about how SharePoint developers, administrators and power users can take advantage of the SharePoint 2010 & Office 2010 platform. We will also have some deeper sessions on how developers can use SharePoint Online, the cloud version of the SharePoint 2010 that will be shipped with the Office 365 release.

    SPCon2010I’ll be presenting a breakout session on Using SharePoint 2010 Online with CRM 2011 Online and how developers can take advantage of these two platforms to build collaborative cloud applications. We’ll also discuss patterns on using Azure to bridge SharePoint & CRM and close out with a Silverlight demo that ties all of these technologies together in the front end. I’ll be posting the decks and demos from this session in the next few weeks.

    There are also several Pre-Conference Workshops happening on Nov 1st and I’ll be participating in one session about the features of the CRM Online 2011 release and what it means for SharePoint developers.

    If you happen to be in Vegas this week and would like to chat about CRM, please let me know.

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    Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC10) is here


    PDC10 kicks off Thursday, October 28, on Microsoft's Redmond campus. Previously, the Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) event was held at much larger venues such as the Los Angeles Convention Center. This year, we decided to bring PDC to our own backyard. Although the conference will be smaller and more intimate, we are using own technologies like Azure & Silverlight to bring PDC to developers worldwide.

    Every single breakout session and keynote will be broadcast live in HD with DVR style controls (pause and rewind live video): http://player.microsoftpdc.com/. The player is just like the one that NBC uses to broadcast the Olympics. In case you have a schedule conflict, don’t worry as all sessions will be made available on-demand as well. BTW, there are several PDC viewing parties organized all over the world (except for Antarctica!) so check out if there is one near you: http://www.microsoftpdc.com/Local.

    If you’re here in person for PDC10, checkout the new CRMOnline as I’ll be showing demos of CRMOnline (2011 version) at the Office & SharePoint booths in the expo area. Send me an email if you’d like to meet me or feel free to swing by the booth.

    Of course a developer conference isn’t complete without a CRM session Smile. Andrew Bybee did a great presentation that was pre-recorded and will go live as PDC begins. Towards the end of the session I’ll be showing a couple of neat little Windows Phone 7 apps built for CRM Online and Azure. That’s right WP7 rocks! Credit goes to to David Yack and Chris Auld for helping with the demo.

    Building Business Applications in the Cloud with CRM Online by Andrew Bybee

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is all about providing compelling business applications to your customer and accelerating development of your applications in the cloud. The upcoming 2011 release has a wide array of new development capabilities such as Solution Packaging, Sandboxed Code, Built-in Dashboards, and much more. Watch this session to understand the innovation behind this new CRM Online release powered by .NET 4.0. Specifically, we’ll cover how to build a CRM Online Solution, take advantage of native SharePoint & Office integration and deploy your application to Dynamics Marketplace to reach a broader customer base.


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    Checkout THE Microsoft Home of future at PDC10




    When the PDC organizing team was looking for volunteers as escorts for the MS Home tour, I had to be the nice guy and do them a favor! But really I jumped up to the opportunity in excitement as I wanted to see MS Home myself since I’ve been hearing great things about it ever since I joined Microsoft 3 years ago.

    BTW the tour this week is exclusive for PDC conference attendees. If you’re here for PDC (first time ever on Microsoft campus), don’t miss this opportunity, so go ahead and add a tour of the Microsoft Home to your PDC10 schedule.  There are different slots available for the home tour and there are other tours available to Envisioning Lab & HPC lab as well. Check out the details here : http://www.microsoftpdc.com/WhatsHappening/Microsoft-Tours-Exclusively-for-PDC-Attendees. I’ll be the escort for the 4PM tour on Thurs, Oct 28.

    You can read and see more about the MS Home here: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/mshome/default.aspx. Here is a brief blurb about the home.

    Built as a full-scale model home in the company’s Executive Briefing Center, the Home is used to explore practical applications of cutting-edge technical trends, and exhibit futuristic prototype technologies to a variety of industry and government leaders, partners and customers.

    I wish I could tweet or blog more about the tour but unfortunately the entire tour is under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).


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    All New SharePoint Sideshow on Channel 9



    Donovan Follette and Paul Stubbs, two of my favorite colleagues in DPE have launched a new show on Channel9 called the SharePoint Sideshow talking about Office and SharePoint development. Pilot episode (the very first episode) was broadcast on inter-tubes last week and is already a hit with developers! Be sure to check it out as we’ll have some CRM action on the show down the lane. Here is brief description of the show from Paul.

    Today we are proud to launch a new show on Channel 9 called the SharePoint Sideshow. The show will discuss topics around SharePoint, Office and Information Worker Productivity. We will bring in experts from the Microsoft product team and others to deliver insider content for developers. This is a show for you in the SharePoint and Office community so we will deliver on topics that are top of mind at the time and try to help you navigate the vast amount of information out there in a concise and approachable format.

    Do checkout the pilot and don’t forget to subscribe to the show’s feed.


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    CRM 2011 Global Search with Akvelon


    In this Channel9 video I chat with Sergei Dreizin, CEO of Akvelon.

    Akvelon has built a highly-configurable global search add-in for CRM and in this video Sergei shows a demo of their search product working with CRM 2011. Akvelon’s Global Search supports searching data across multiple entities, contents of attachment, displays related entities for many-to-many (N:N)relationships and searching by lookup fields. It also has the ability to search custom entities and fields which will come in very handy for xRM implementations. Behind the scenes, the add-in uses a combination of index based search, live queries and cached results.


    CRM Global Search with Akvelon

    For more details about Akvelon’s Global Search, check out the video and Akvelon’s website http://www.akvelon.com/products/Dynamics%20CRM%20Global%20Search/default.aspx.

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