I figured being at TechEd Europe in Amsterdam would be a great excuse to start blogging again. I'm here along with 45 other Icelandic delegates. Getting 45 developers and IT pros to come to a computer conference from a country with just under 300.000 inhabitants is in my opinion quite good. Given the fact that our MCSE community is approx. 100 persons and our .net dev community is about 200-300 persons - this number is quite high.

So far the conference has been fun...it all started with 5-6000 people playing african drums to get the rhytm going. Announcements during the keynote were well received (Express SKUs of Visual Studio and SQL products). Other than that there was not much new information - at least not for those who follow the press.

The first session I went to was Pat Helland's Metropolis talk. He is superb and the anology he gives between SOA and metropolis' is quite good. Now we just have to study the way large cities operate and we can come up with new ideas about how to further SOA. He ended his talk with an excellent song on the death of IT which can be viewed later this week on his website http://www.pathelland.com. You may even be able to see me there, unless they cut me out :-)

Currently I am sitting in a session given by Don Box - where he is talking about hosting processes. Pretty low level session, but fun since you get an idea of how things work under the hood. Right now he is talking about DLLHOST.EXE - the wonderfull process you often see in Task Manager when you are running IIS and DCOM/RPC apps.

Better stop blogging during the sessiona and listen more...but stay tuned for further posts from Amsterdam.