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May, 2010

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    New look but don’t give me credit

    See Sean Jenkin's blog for the who, when, why, how, … For sure they did a great job: just think the amount of work they have done. Thousand of geeky blogs to migrate, each with its own tweaks and customizations (aren’t they geek?). Once I helped migrate...
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    Quick XPath test

    Some time ago a colleague asked for help: he needed to write a XPath query that seemed complex. I suggested him to use VS and a simple XSLT as a quick debugging environment. Create a new XSLT file, substitute the template code with the following content...
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    Build Identifier Tasks

    This post is a follow-up to “ Builds: how many? ” and drills down how to compute the version number during the build. I assume knowledge of customizing the build identifier: you do not read the docs: “ How to: Customize Build Numbers ” for TFS 2008 and...
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