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  • Blog Post: Getting web services’ WSDL automatically during build

    A customer made me this request so I scratched my head to solve the issue. Let’s start with a bit of context. Why WSDL? WSDL is the standard for describing a web service, it roots back to end of ‘90s; being a standard, it could be used to exchange contracts between teams. In .NET svcutil.exe can be used...
  • Blog Post: Build incrementale e numeri di versione

    To my English followers: I will try to translate this post as I find the time to do it. Temo di averlo ripetuto alla nausea: la build incrementale è una faccenda molto delicata ed è facile combinare pasticci se non si controlla costantemente. Perciò ne sconsiglio, in generale l’impiego. Recentemente...
  • Blog Post: Gotcha: MSBuild nested loops (double batching)

    I admit I didn’t get it on my first, quick, reading of “ Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build ” that MSBuild batching is somewhat counter-intuitive. I needed to have a nested loop in my script, like this pseudo code: foreach (solution in solutionItemGroup) { foreach...
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