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  • Blog Post: Quick-list for testing and demoing on a real device

    In the last days I set up a demo app running on a SmartPhone / PocketPC. I needed to wake-up an app on the SP by sending an SMS. This is well described in . The hard part is setting the security right...
  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Setup for SmartPhone Development (UPDATED)

    The right installation sequence for using both managed and unmanaged: Active Sync 3.8 eMbedded Visual C++® 4.0 with Service Pack 2 eMbedded Visual C++® 4.0 Service Pack 4 Visual Studio .NET 2003 choose Mobile / CompactFramework Pocket PC 2003 SDK Smartphone 2003 SDK Smartphone...
  • Blog Post: SmartPhone development

    I did it! Last night I was able to install the development environment for my Motorola MPx200, i.e. SmartPhone 2002, and run my first HelloWorld! I tried it some months ago, and it didn’t work. My suspect was the installation mess of the PC (betas and so on), but I were wrong. Started from scratch...
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