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  • Blog Post: Continuous Integration scoping

    An issue you may have with Continuous Integration (CI) is this: whichever files you check-in, TFS will kick-off a CI build. Too often this is not what you want: the CI build should limit to monitor the trunk or a particular branch, and may only a portion of the branch — a portion of the codeline. This...
  • Blog Post: Where the build script reside

    This is a corollary of the Codeline Organization post. Where do I place the build script are in the Version Control? My opinion is to store them under the trunk or branch, i.e. inside the codeline. Please note that your actual branching structure is ininfluent. I know, the MSBuild Project File Creation...
  • Blog Post: Codeline Organization

    Caveat: this post is not about branches but the content of the trunk and, as consequence, of the branches; look at Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010 for more information about branching. So, what I will write about? On the organization of the various files in a version control system . Some thinks...
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