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  • Blog Post: Using a global audio player and EE4 for live audio Smooth Streaming on Windows Phone 7

    After my previous post about Smooth Streaming on Windows Phone 7 I received questions about Live Audio Streaming on Windows Phone 7. In particular the most recurrent questions are: - Is it possible to create a global audio player that works in every page of my application? - Is it possible use...
  • Blog Post: IIS Media Services 4.0 : Manifest Compression

    IIS Media Service 4.0 was released and now you can use it as an integrated media platform . As you can read in Chris Knowlton blog post there are a lot of new features in IIS Media Services 4.0 not only connected to the integrated media platform that I described in my previous post on this . We have...
  • Blog Post: Using Smooth Streaming Media Element for Windows Phone 7

    In my previous post I described the avaliability of Smooth Streaming Media Element (SSME) for Windows Phone (WP) as a part of the Integrated Media Platform vision for IIS Media Services . In this post I would show you how you can use SSME for WP7 in order to reproduce Smooth Streaming (SS) content live...
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