I've got a nephew who's trying to break into the computer industry. He's one of those kids who can build machines, install an OS, configure networking, etc. But he sells himself short on his potential - which I know is huge.

He says he's a very hard worker, and I can tell he's a fast learner, but because he lacks any real world experience he doesn't think he can cut it. I've been advising him to forgoe the traditional teen jobs because stocking shelves at the grocery store is a waste of his talent. I'm trying to help him find something where he can be excited about what he's contributing. I think he'd be great working for something from a small computer store building up systems to being an intern somewhere. He's trying to get his car paid off so he can afford to enter his next phase of education.

Does anyone have any pointers (or better still, a job opening) for my 19 year old nephew (who lives in the Powder Springs, GA area)? If so, leave some comments!