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June, 2008

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 I am a Software Solution Architect, MBA, published author, invited speaker and strategic technology visionary with 14+ years of achievement to drive innovative and cost effective software portfolio solutions that increase competitive advantage and market share. Recognized expert in software architecture and cloud computing. I have diverse experience in enterprise, high-growth, and incubation environments within a variety of industries. 

 I also published numerous novel articles in the area of software engineering and software architecture. I am selected Program Committee Member at prestigious international conferences. I was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Software Architecture (180 worldwide) 2005-2008.

• Cloud Computing
• BigData
• Technology Strategy
• Software Architecture
• Technology Evangelism
• Research & Development
• Program Management
• Author
• Public Speaker

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    New Software Factories Introduction Article

    I just finished a band new article with the topic "Introduction to Software Factories" and published it @ . Within the article I discuss the motivation for Software Factories, the basic building blocks, and how Software...
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    Composite Rich Internet Application Architecture, what is your take on it?

    In a recent webcast Murray and I introduced the Composite Rich Internet Application (CRIA). As you can see we introduced another four letter acronym (since all the 3 letter ones were already take ;-)) and we explain the implementation of such an application...
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    Composite Rich Internet Applications (CRIA)

    Next week will be our first ISV Developers Community meeting and Murray Gordon and I are presenting on Composite Rich Internet Applications based on Prism ( ) and Silverlight ( ) . Thanks to Jared Bienz...
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    Want to be an Architect?

    There is a really cool aspiring architect series in the works, and if you are interested in becoming a software architect you should definitely check it out. It is a great opportunity to get a handle on what it means to be an architect, what skills you...
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    What drives the adoption of new technologies?

    I was reading an interesting article about the real innovation drivers in enterprises by Stephen Swoyer. The question rendered is: Why does upper management rather approve and finance cost saving...
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