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September, 2008

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 I am a Software Solution Architect, MBA, published author, invited speaker and strategic technology visionary with 14+ years of achievement to drive innovative and cost effective software portfolio solutions that increase competitive advantage and market share. Recognized expert in software architecture and cloud computing. I have diverse experience in enterprise, high-growth, and incubation environments within a variety of industries. 

 I also published numerous novel articles in the area of software engineering and software architecture. I am selected Program Committee Member at prestigious international conferences. I was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Software Architecture (180 worldwide) 2005-2008.

• Cloud Computing
• BigData
• Technology Strategy
• Software Architecture
• Technology Evangelism
• Research & Development
• Program Management
• Author
• Public Speaker

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    Visual Studio Team System 2010 Revealed

    Yesterday the product team of Visual Studio team system started to reveal some of the new features in Visual Studio and today the announcements concentrated on the Architecture edition. Watching the screen casts I got really excited about the new capabilities...
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    Money CAN buy happiness

    In the past, if anyone asked me if money can buy happiness I would clearly answer with a bold "NO". Reading an article from Harvard Business School might just change this answer in the future. According to the study, giving as little as $5 increases...
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    Microsoft NYC -- G.O.O.D. (Global Out Of the Office Day)

    This morning I stopped by Central Park in NYC for the G.O.O.D in collaboration with Sheraton. It was a very nice set-up to work in a very relaxed atmosphere. There were tables with Laptops and web cameras set up and ready to go. Sheraton provided towels...
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    Mythbuster -- A typical day at Microsoft?!

    Before the well deserved weekend, I thought I post something a little bit more on the lighter site. After half a year at Microsoft, many of my friends asking me how I like working for Microsoft. So I started this blog post. I was asking myself; what is...
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    Microsoft to join OMG

    While Model Driven Software Development (MDSD) was a core objective for Microsoft for many years, the decision to not use the OMG standards in the modeling tools (with exception of Visio) for developers was always a topic for heated discussion. Like in...
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