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December, 2008

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 I am a Software Solution Architect, MBA, published author, invited speaker and strategic technology visionary with 14+ years of achievement to drive innovative and cost effective software portfolio solutions that increase competitive advantage and market share. Recognized expert in software architecture and cloud computing. I have diverse experience in enterprise, high-growth, and incubation environments within a variety of industries. 

 I also published numerous novel articles in the area of software engineering and software architecture. I am selected Program Committee Member at prestigious international conferences. I was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Software Architecture (180 worldwide) 2005-2008.

• Cloud Computing
• BigData
• Technology Strategy
• Software Architecture
• Technology Evangelism
• Research & Development
• Program Management
• Author
• Public Speaker

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    The Modeling Language “M”

    After a high level look at the “Oslo” platform in my last post I want to take a little deeper look into the new modeling language “M”. As I mentioned, M is a textual language to define sa model that is stored in the database. Just this fact is really...
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