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  • Blog Post: What drives the adoption of new technologies?

    I was reading an interesting article about the real innovation drivers in enterprises by Stephen Swoyer. The question rendered is: Why does upper management rather approve and finance cost saving than efficiency projects? This is a very good...
  • Blog Post: Should we rewrite all legacy software??

    very often we talk about legacy systems. But when exactly does source code change into a legacy? Well, first thing to do is to see what wikipedia tells us: " Legacy code is source code that relates to a no-longer supported or manufactured operating system or other computer technology. The term can...
  • Blog Post: DSL talk at Dr. Dobb's Architecture & Design 2008

    Architecture & Design World 2008 I will present on Thursday July 24th at the Architecture and Design World 2008 in Chicago. In this presentation I will discuss the experiences we gained using Microsoft DSLs, within VSTS in a real industry project. I will highlight the good, the bad, and...
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