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  • Blog Post: What do I use HealthVault for?

    Over the years, HealthVault is becoming increasingly useful for me. It is becoming a part of my daily life. What do I use it for? a) tracking your health indicator, for example weight. Where did I put my weight on that sheet of yellow paper half year ago? Was I weight 75 kg or 175 pound last time...
  • Blog Post: Have your clinic been connected to HealthVault?

    Today, I am coming back from a doctor appointment. For the 3rd time, I fill up exactly the same form for my doctors. All those information such as allergy, family history are repeating. Question for doctor, why cannot you just ask your patient to share his/her record with you?
  • Blog Post: What are we doing here at Health Solutions of Microsoft?

    This is what we are doing here at Health Solutions. How exciting it is...... Our product includes Microsoft HealthVault ( ), Microsoft Amalga ( ) and newly acquired Sentillion( ).
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