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This is (almost) a straight copy and paste but represents an important announcement worthy of a little more “exposure” :-)

Starting August 1, 2010, we will release a new SQL Azure Development Accelerator Core promotional offer.  This new offer will give you the flexibility to purchase commitment quantities of SQL Azure Business Edition databases independent of other Windows Azure platform services at a deeply discounted monthly price.  The offer is valid only for a six month term.  You may purchase in 10 GB increments the amount of our Business Edition relational database that you require (each Business Edition database is capable of storing up to 50 GB). 

The offer price will be $74.95 per 10 GB per month.  This promotional offer represents 25% off of our normal consumption rates.  Monthly Business Edition relational database usage exceeding the purchased commitment amount and usage for other Windows Azure platform services for this offer will be charged at our normal consumption rates. 

Please click here for full details of our new SQL Azure Development Accelerator Core offer. 

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