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  • Blog Post: Updated Re-Serialize SAML token

    There has been a lot of interest around this and hence I have attached some code listing to this post. Check it out!
  • Blog Post: Federation and Bearer Tokens

    The latest WS-Trust spec (yet to be ratified by OASIS) introduces a concept called Bearer Tokens. This basically is a keyless token that a client requests from an STS (Security Token Service). The only purpose this token serves is to provide more information about the client to the service while the...
  • Blog Post: Re-Serialize SAML token

    In a Federation Scenario a client might want to access the services by using a SAML token that was issued to it by a STS. The service in turn might have to call other services (like a intermediary) to fulfill the request. When calling the backend service the service might want to use the SAML token that...
  • Blog Post: Federation

    As you are moving to Web Services world one of the buzz words that you will hear time and again is "Federation". This is simply a security scenario that involves 3 parties to secure a Message. The 3 parties in the scenario are, Client Security Token Service (STS) Target Service This is...
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