Microsoft issues warning on phone scam

Microsoft issues warning on phone scam

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Microsoft issues warning on phone scam from Sassoon G on Vimeo.

Microsoft today warned Australians to be wary of a phone scam that has left some victims hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

Scammers are using several well-known brands, including Microsoft, to fool people into believing that something is wrong with their computers.

      The scam typically unfolds in the following manner:

  • A cold caller, claiming to be a representative of Microsoft, one of its brands or a third party contracted by Microsoft, tells the victim they are checking into a computer problem, infection or virus that has been detected by Microsoft.
  • They tell the victim they can help and direct them to a website that then allows the scammers to take remote control of the computer.
  • The cold caller will then spend some time on the computer trying to demonstrate where the ‘problems’ are and in the process convinces the victim to pay a fee for a service that will fix the computer.

    "In reality, there is nothing wrong with their computer but the scammer has tricked the consumer into believing there is a problem and that paying the fee is the best way to get it fixed. Often they will also push the customer to buy a one year computer maintenance subscription. They are just trying to scam innocent Australians out of money," said Stuart Strathdee, Microsoft Australia’s chief security advisor.

    Strathdee also said that the callers presented themselves in a professional manner and sounded genuine.

    "Don’t be fooled, Microsoft is not cold calling consumers in regards to malfunctioning PCs, viruses or any other matter," he said.

    "We strongly advise Australians to simply hang up if they receive a call of this nature and not to respond to any communications from these scammers.

    "If you’re not sure, contact Microsoft on 13 20 58 or the Police," he said.

    For more information, Microsoft recommends the following resources:

    Microsoft Online Safety site:  

        Australian Government:


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  • My gran also got caught with this scam in the UK. The company is international and provide "services" in many contries, so be careful!

  • Just wish to advise that I had 2 phone calls from 'scammers'today to 07-4053 6231 and they hung up when I said why woukld you be calling me when I dont have an enquiry with the result they hung up.

    Kevin HEFFER.

  • thanks foe the info, ive got open eyes now

  • i get these calls almost every day. tonight i listened to the caller with an indian accent to see what she had to say. when i told her i wasnt going to turn my computer on she hung up. scam scam scam.

  • Live in heathcote victoria 3523, recieived cold call today approx 5:00pm claiming to be microsoft and as your warning advised wanted access to my computer. I ended the call. please advise others of areas they are trying to hit.

    Kind Reg

  • phone call tonight from the crooks...they are still "on the job" Victoria, Australia

  • Almost had me last night. The Indians are at it again. They are very good; talk you through your computer then ask you to download a program to allow them to access your computer to look at your error/information reports that they say are causing problems that need fixing.At this stage they ask how old is your computer, I think to lull and confuse ones senses. Then they refer to another site selling some program. I suppose that is to try to get your money details.Hank up at the start is really the best answer.

  • scammers are still working in Victoria. My husband got caught and it has cost us money.

  • I have recieved the following e-mail from

    Windows Live Hotmail Team <>

    Dear Windows Live Hotmail User,

    Thank you for being one of our valued users of Windows Live Hotmail. We hope you are enjoying it and having fun using Windows Live Hotmail & other Windows Live services. We are constantly working to improve the service to you.

    Please be informed that due to the recent upgraded of the service, we would be closing both all unused and anonymous registered accounts. You are receiving this email because your account is among those to be deleted, and your verification would be needed, to enabled you to continue the activities of your account. Verify it by clicking on the reply button in order to reply back to this message and fill out the information required below:

    * Name:

    * User name:

    * Password:

    * Date of Birth:

    * Country Or Territory:

    Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to verify his/her account after a week of receiving this warning, will lose it permanently.

    Microsoft controls the data collected in this survey and may use your responses (together with existing data we have about you) to make sure its products and services meet your needs and preferences. Microsoft will treat all data collected from you in accordance with our privacy policy.

    Microsoft Corporation

    One Microsoft Way

    Redmond, WA 98052

    Case ID 153114773YXUD9

    Is this really from Microsoft Hotmail or is it an attempt to get my personal details and password?

  • This is definitely a phishing attempt to improperly gain access to your Hotmail account.  It was not sent by Microsoft and you should delete the email.

    We do provide some specific guidance on this type of fraudulent activity at the following website:

    We continue to pursue a range of approaches to reducing the occurrence and mitigating the impact of these types of activities.  Thanks for providing the email to us.  We will forward it on for appropriate action.

    James Kavanagh, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Australia

  • Yup - just had a call very similar to the above from "Technical Maintenance Services" (or similar) indicating they've got the contract with Microsoft to provide technical support.  Told them that if they've got my number then they should also have my e-mail address - they can send the details of the problem there.  Just says it all really - Microsoft (and their official agents) do not make these sorts of unsolicited calls to their customers.

  • I just received a call tonight from someone with an Indian accent claiming he was from Microsoft and that my computer was 'corrupted'. He asked me to turn my computer on to which I replied that this was a scam. He argued and said it wasn't a scam and asked who had told me that it was a scam and I told him that I had read and been told about it and I promptly hung up! I had a similar call a few months ago. I hope that people don't fall for their scam...  

  • A woman called me yesterday, purporting to be from Microsoft, calling me about Windows. I have two young children I was bathing at the time, and said that I couldn't speak to her. She was quite persistent that she call me back, finally leaving a name (Anna) and a phone number - (02)8091 5001. She sounded of Indian origin, and was a bit difficult to understand. I ma not going to call her back, I just hting you should know. This was a call I got yesterday, and I live in Sydney.

  • I am sick of these calls. They call me at all times of the day and night but hang up when I ask how they got my phone number. Why are they persiting. This is nearly a year on and they still ring me.

  • Oh, I felt sooo stupid, almost getting "caught" by a scammer the other day..

    It was exactly like this describes- someone saying they were from Customer service, getting me to check I didn't have "infections" on my computer..

    I got up to the part where they wanted me to enter a "code" on a website- which sounded suspicious, and I told the guy I wasn't going to..

    Of course he tried to convince me .. saying I'd have to get rid of teh "infections", but I didn't

    I felt sick when i asked someone else later, and they told me about it being a  scam to get access to my computer.

    Hope the scammers get what they deserve( not that they will- I guess:(

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