Cybersafety Help Button

Cybersafety Help Button

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The Cybersafety Help Button is a new Australian Government initiative designed to keep children and families safe online. It is an online resource that gives children and young people easy access to cybersafety help and information.

Microsoft Australia is proud to support this initiative.

The internet offers huge opportunities for improvements in education, social interaction, innovation and convenience. Along with these benefits come risks that can make the internet unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Cyberbullying, scams and fraud, offensive content and unwanted contact are all common risks for children and teenagers.

The Cybersafety Help Button is an online resource hub that gives children and teenagers instant access to help and information on cybersafety issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The button is a free application available from the website of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Once downloaded, it sits on the computer desktop or within the taskbar. When the button is clicked, users are taken directly to a web page where they can talk, report or learn about cybersafety issues. 

The talk function gives a link to Kids Helpline. Users who are worried by cyberbullying or offensive online behaviour or content can phone or chat online to a professional counsellor.

The report function offers direct links to pages on social networking sites. There are also links for reporting scams, fraud, inappropriate websites and improper behaviour and for contacting the Australian Federal Police.

The learn function provides a range of cybersafety educational resources through the Australian Communication and Media Authority’s (ACMA) Cybersmart website and the Department’s Stay Smart Online website. Visitors to these sites can learn about cyberbullying, social networking sites, scams and frauds, password protection, viruses and malware, unwanted contact and inappropriate behaviour.

The Cybersafety Help Button was developed in consultation with the Government’s Youth Advisory Group and the Consultative Working Group on Cybersafety, which Microsoft is a member of.

The Youth Advisory Group—consisting of members aged eight to 17 years—expressed the need for a ‘one-stop shop’ for cybersafety help and information.

The Cybersafety Help Button is available free of charge at from October 2010.

For more information on the Cybersafety Help Button email

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  • people are scamming my live page sending spam emails to my friends how do I stop it. Egadd

  • I think this is an excellent idea! Is great for families with children of all ages.

  • I have just received a supposed email from Windows Live Hotmail. They are requesting my full Name, Password, Date of Birth and Country within 7 days or my account will be cut off. I replied demanding they give me their correct registered email add or I would report them.

  • People are scamming my live page sending spam emails to unknown addresses how do I stop it ?

  • I receive postmaster delivery status notice failures for e-mails I haven't sent.

  • If you have concerns about your PC give Microsoft Technical Support a call on 132058 or to report to scam contact Scamwatch Sassoon

  • ive been recieving mail from a friend an sent bout 5 messages back but now when i try to send message it saying my message has triggered junk email filters an to edit my message ??? how do i fix this ??

  • What a top idea and a worthwhile initiative job well done

  • I have problems with my email address being accessed by a hacker.  I have since deleted that email address and am now using a new email address.  My problem is that I have been told by friends, that they are still receiving emails from this hacker.  How can it be when I have removed that site?

  • I recieved a urgent email on 5th April 2011.Letterhead was Windows live hotmail,stating I needed to give information to update account or account would disappear within 24hrs..I fell for it thinking it was not a scam because of letterhead..Now I have found my hotmail account has been scammed.they are using my husbands name in email scams to people in my hotmail account. How can I stop this as they have changed my password & I can't get into account even with my secret question (it seems to be changed as well).Please help

  • Check this site or contact Microsoft Customer Service on 13 20 58, Sassoon

  • had the same spam problem now i carnt log on

  • I have just received a supposed email from Windows Live Hotmail. They are requesting my full Name, Password, Date of Birth and Country within 7 days or my account will be cut

  • re my post the email address of the person who sent this email is

  • help me put my lap top into working conditioin

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