March, 2012

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Record software donations

Microsoft Australia reached new heights with the Software Donation Program last financial year donating more than $50 million dollars’ worth of software to over 3,300 community organisations. 

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    PhotoDNA - Science on the Side of Abused Kids


    DCU LogoFor many years Microsoft has been working in partnership with law enforcement agencies across the globe to help defeat one particularly hideous area of crime – the sexual abuse and exploitation of children online.  When child pornography images are shared and viewed amongst predators online, it is not simply the distribution of objectionable content, it is an attack on the very basis of our community.  These crimes turn one appalling moment of child sexual abuse into an unending chain of exploitation of that child.

    Through a new partnership between Microsoft and NetClean, technology developed by Microsoft known as PhotoDNA will be made available to law enforcement at no charge. The technology will be incorporated in NetClean Analyze, the Child Exploitation Tracking System(already provided to and used by Australian authorities) and via direct licensing.

    PhotoDNA will help law enforcement more quickly identify and rescue victims and hopefully lead to the arrest and conviction of those who perpetrate crimes against children.

    PhotoDNA is a signature-based image-matching technology developed by Microsoft Research in partnership with Dartmouth College and is already used by Microsoft and Facebook to find child sexual abuse images uploaded to our services. The technology not only detects matches but enables reporting of suspect images to law enforcement agencies for investigation.

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    Microsoft adopts CarbonSystems’ Environmental Sustainability Platform

    “ You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, is an old management adage that is the motivation for Microsoft’s decision to select and adopt a cloud-based application for automatically capturing and reporting the company’s...
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