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Feature of the Day: Unposted Cash Display in Collections Main

Feature of the Day: Unposted Cash Display in Collections Main

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Unposted Cash Display in Collections Main

Module: Collections Management

Why this feature is cool!

For a collections manager, up-to-date customer data is vital.  On the Collections Main window in Microsoft Dynamics GP, before making the call to collect, you can see any data that has been entered for that customer even if it is not posted.  By adding the Unposted Cash to Collections Main, you will have all the information at hand when speaking with a customer.

What does it look like?

Collections Management Main Window (Transactions > Sales > Collection Main)


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  • any news on the ability to show by originating currency in Collections?

  • Great suggestion! Please enter this into the MS Connect tool ( so we can get this on our list of features to consider for future releases.

  • I would like to know how this value, kept in Customer Master Summary table, is calculated and what triggers it.  For some reason (there must be a reason...), we end up with negative values.

    We don't use SOP.  We enter transactions in RM.



  • Hi Denis,

    The UNPSTDCA field in the RM00103 (RM Customer master) is updated every time you enter and save a RM cash receipt. I noticed that when I tried to delete one of my saved cash receipts the document did not update the RM00103.  The value was fixed when  I ran reconcile for this customer.  To make sure everything is up to date I would run reconcile under Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Utilities >> Sales >> Reconcile.  

    If you still have a negative value after that it could be that there is a negative cash receipt entered and saved in work.  You could start by running a select statement against the RM10201 to view the documents for the customer.

    If you are still having issues determining where the values are coming from you may want to consider putting in a support request and have an engineer dig into this with you.


    Angela Ebensteiner

    Microsoft Support

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