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1000 Downloads of Windows 8 Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer

1000 Downloads of Windows 8 Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer

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You might be one of the few people in the Dynamics GP community that hasn't downloaded the new Windows 8 app that allows you to surface SRS charts, graphs, and KPI's that customers and partners have built for Dynamics GP.  Go to the Windows Store on Windows 8 and search for "Business Analyzer".



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  • It's very nice, but not functional for most of us road warriors. While I understand this is not an issue with Business Analyzer but rather a Windows 8 platform issue, it should be noted that this product WILL NOT work with SSRS installed on the same machine where Windows 8 is running. I wish this would get fixed since everything else seems to work, even calling SSRS from IE10 metro.


    Mariano Gomez, MVP

  • Thanks for the comment Mariano!  I was going to actually blog about this on the Support Blog in a few weeks.  You are correct that due to a Windows 8 Security issue you cannot run the Business Analyzer application and SSRS on the same Windows 8 machine.

    You can work around this problem by deploying a low resource Hyper-V dedicated to running SSRS.  Windows 8 comes with Hyper-V built in, so as long as you have the hardware you can use this as a solution for demo purposes on the road.


    Chris Bulson

    Sr. Support Engineer

  • support blog:

  • I may have spoken too soon on this!  In an instance where you are on the road you aren't going to be on a domain and able to use Windows Authentication to connect.  This will still work if you want a single machine setup though for doing Remote Session demos.


  • Chris,

    Not sure I am following. If I am on my machine which is NOT a part of any domain, my only option still is a Hyper-V instance of Windows 8. What did I miss from your second response?

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