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Weekly Topic: Concur Expense Integration

Weekly Topic: Concur Expense Integration

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Did you know that we have an integration to Concur Expense?  The integration is a free download. 

Concur Expense is an online expense tool that has a lot of functionality.  It gives the ability for a SMB type business to have better solutions.


You can view more information here.

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  • I thought this module was discontinued and would not be available for versions above 2010.  Is this still the case?

  • It was taken off the pricelist but it's still available.

  • Is it supported for GP 2013 or only 10.0 and 2010?

  • My understanding per the Discontinuation Notice link above and the download page is that it is no longer available for GP 2013.  (We have been working directly with Concur to build solutions for our GP clients.)  How do we access the tool for GP 2013?

  • I do not see the Product Release download on PartnerSource for GP 2013; only GP 2010 & 10 appear to be available.  Where can we download the version for GP 2013?

  • Pam -- How do we download the GP 2013 version of the product?

  • I see the download for GP 2010 and GP 10 under Product Releases on PartnerSource, but I do not see a download for GP 2013.  Is a version available for GP 2013?  If so, where is it available for download?

  • Happy to see so many question on where the download is.

    Here are the links!

  • Thank you for the link!

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