Oh yeah, I have my very first blog. I can just *feel* the crunchy-on-the-outside-but-rich-and-creamy-center blog goodness to follow. It's gonna be sooooo good.


Of course, now I can't think of anything to say. Except that I hate flying. Sort of.  I'm in the midst of a love/hate relationship with work (not with MS, just read, you'll see what I mean), so right now I hate flying. I'm in the office, doing my thing (cluster support for MS, if you must now), after a bit, things start to get a little same old, same old, when along comes a customer who needs someone to come onsite for something, so I raise my hand. Going onsite lends a little excitement, gets you out of the office, get to see somewhere new, go onsite, fix something, be the hero, etc. It can be a big lure to get out of the office. Ususally, though, about two days into the trip, I realize I hate traveling but was once again lured into the trip by the chance to get out of the office and do something else for a few days. By the time I leave and am trudging back through the airport, I swear I will *NEVER EVER* travel again, even under pain of death and torture. Of course, two weeks later, I'm on a plane again. *sigh*.

So yeah, be happy for me. I have a blog. You can all look forward to more random thought goodness. My next (not-so) random thought will be “How to Call MS (or any vendor) And Help Us to Help You”. I do support. All day. Every day. Yeah yeah, look forward to it. It'll be tasty too.