Flavien Charlon is a developer on our team in Dublin, and earlier this summer he and his teammate won 3rd place in the "Interface Design" event at the Imagine Cup in Seoul, Korea. The Imagine Cup is sort of a World Cup for programmers, and it brings together people from countries all around the world to compete in individual and team events.

This year, Team Atomnium's submission was a Tablet PC-based travel guide written in .NET 3.0, complete with flippable pages, interactive maps, and embedded video. Based on that submission, they were invited to the finals, where they had 24 hours to code some kind of educational application. Fueled by coffee and chips (see the video),

Flavien and his teammate created a very clever educational drawing program for children, with an amazing "palette" schema for selecting pictures. You have to see the video to really appreciate it. You can read more about the Imagine Cup on this post from Flavien's blog, "Code is poetry" (Flavien's blog is in French -- you can use Windows Live Translator to translate to your language).

This is actually Flavien's second appearance in the winner's circle at the Imagine Cup. He (and the same teammate) placed 1st in the "Project Hoshimi" programming contest (post from Flavien's blog last year) in India in 2006.

Another developer on our team, Vincent, served as a judge at the event. Next year's event will be held in Paris, France -- good luck to all competitors!