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A blog about Microsoft's Global Product Development - Europe team, based in Dublin, Ireland.

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  • Blog Post: JavaScript Memory Leak Detector (v2)

    Introduction JavaScript Memory Leak Detector ( download ) is a debugging tool to detect memory leaks and enforce best practices in JavaScript code when working with version of Internet Explorer older than IE8. As described in detail in this MSDN article the JScript garbage collector in previous versions...
  • Blog Post: Treemap released in Silverlight Toolkit

    As Silverlight 3 has just released, a new version of the Silverlight Toolkit is now available. Microsoft’s Global Product Development - Europe team is delighted to have contributed the Silverlight Treemap to this release. The Treemap allows hierarchical data to be visualised as a set of nested rectangles...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Treemap Control

    Microsoft’s Global Product Development – Europe team recently released a Silverlight version of the Treemap visualization for adCenter Analytics. Below we can see it displaying site traffic by user occupation: You can read more about it on this blog post, or access it via your adCenter account...
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