So you want to build you're own reports and add them to your Team Foundation project eh? First and foremost I really have no documentation for you right now on the TF tables or cubes. I CAN tell you I went spelunking through there one day using the ever so handy SQL Server Management Studio, found some random tables that had data and then built a SQL Report template off it.

  • In VS05 create new Report Project.
  • In Solution Explorer right click on Reports node and select New Report
  • Click next, name your datasource
  • Select edit, select your servername where you installed the db layer
  • Select Bisdwdb (stands for Burton Integration Services Datawarehouse db)
  • test your connection
  • Select next and try out your query
    • For a simple one try "Select alias, displayname from Person"
  • Select layout of the data
  • Add the fields to the details section
  • Select a theme
  • Now format as you like, preview the output and build the project
  • Then in Team Explorer, go to the Reports node of your project
  • Right click and select Show Report Site
  • Select upload file and upload your rdl file
  • Refresh the Reports node and observe your report in the list - it's also available under Reports on your Project Portal

And there you have it!