January, 2006

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Just one of many Microsoft employees working with open source communities. I work with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

  • graceworld

    What's the cross platform story for TFS?

    A pretty common question we get here - what's the x-platform story for TFS when the organization has dev's working on other platforms? Well here's an opportunity to check out a partner solution that answers that question: Teamprise MSDN Webcast ...
  • graceworld

    Getting two vpc's to chat

    I was trying to get a couple vpc's to network together using the Local only network setting the other day with no success. I futzed around for a while with various network settings, etc. and finally decided to ping around for some expert advice. This...
  • graceworld

    We need your feedback on TFS RC!

    Jeff Beehler from the product group recently blogged about the upcoming TFS RC and the need for feedback: Get ready... get set... install!
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