This is totally unrelated to VSTS - like totally... :-) As my 1 year wedding anniversary is right around the corner, I dug up my OOF message from that time:

I am OOF - going to the chapel within a church within a city which all bear my name, getting married, flying to an undisclosed (to you :-)) location, taking a train ride, going on a mini safari, riding elephants and camels, touring old palaces, temples, forts and caves, hanging out on the beach in a Catholic-hippie town, haggling with merchants in crowded markets and then coming back to work...

I won't have a cell phone. :-)

In case you were a recipient of that auto-reply and still curious about the locations:

We were married in "The Chapel of Grace" the oldest section of Grace Cathedral in the city of San Francisco. My name happens to be Grace Francisco (and yes I actually grew up and came from San Francisco).

The train ride was "The Palace on Wheels" in India where we were well taken care of and had an amazing time exploring what's referred to as the land of palaces in India - Rajasthan. One of our stops included Udaipur with the "Lake Palace" that was used in the James Bond movie Octopussy . We got off the train at the famed Taj Mahal and continued to tour parts of central and southern India including the spectactular Ajanta and Ellora caves, the beaches of Goa, and ended with some haggling in Mumbai (with lots of other stops in between :-) )