There have been a lot of questions about the Load Agent & Controller for VSTS. Here are some FAQs to set this straight:

Q. What is the official name of the Load Agent (& Controller)?

A.Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Load Agent (TTLA) . Currently if you are a Volume License customer, there is a typo in the product name on the MSVL download site, and you can find it under "Visual Studio Test Agent 2005". This will be corrected.


Q. Is the Load Agent part of Visual Studio Team Suite?

A. No. It's a separate product.


Q. Are the Agent and Controller separate products?

A. No. These are all in TTLA.


Q. Is TTLA part of my MSDN subscription?

A. No. TTLA is not offered via MSDN subscriptions. It’s a separate product purchase.


Q. Where can I download it?

A. TTLA is not available as a trial product. If you are a volume license customer, you can download it under the MSVL download site. (See previous FAQ for current name listing.)


Q. Is this the only way I can try out load testing?

A. No.You can generate a pretty significant amount of load (equivalent to that of one “load agent” using the VS Team Edition for Software Testers). VSTE for Software Testers can be found in the Team Suite evaluation software. TTLA enables remote execution scenarios and when there is a need for additional load.


Q. Where can I find more information?