Recently my teammate Brian Keller tagged me. It seems to be this blog game where you play "Tag - your it" and the tagged victim :-) needs to reveal 5 things most people don't know about them. Well ok, haven't been blogging for a few months now, so I'll play along...

 1. I was a teacher's assistant (TA) in grade school. If memory serves me correctly it was second grade that I started to help the teacher correct other students' school work. I was always finished with my work before the rest of the class, so this is how I spent my "free time". I had so much time on my hands that I was granted self study time in the walk in closet where I chose to teach myself some Spanish with some audio tapes and books while the rest of class continued working on their assignments. Yes - you already knew I was a nerd - it started fairly early. :-) I was a TA for honors French in high school and for Physics in college. I was the one still in the Physics lab finishing the extra credit assignments while the rest of class piled out after the required set. I don't remember much French though.

2. When I was 12 I thought I had a calling. You know...THE CALLING. I wanted to become a nun. I got over that fairly quickly. 

3. I taught tennis to inner city kids during summer break when I was 16 - for National Junior Tennis League - a nonprofit organization founded by the late, great tennis pro Arthur Ashe. At the time I was their youngest teacher. I had a wicked forehand and a tricky backhand that morphed between single and double handed forms. At my size you would never have expected the ball to whiz by at those speeds. I was a nerdy tom boy. I loved Boom Boom Becker and Stefan Edberg. Sadly my days of apsiring to be the next Chris Evert have evaporated (yes I realize that statement really dates me) and I'm really rusty now, so challenging me to a game wouldn't be very interesting.

4. In my late 20s, I took a "round-the-world trip". I travelled to Japan, China, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Austria - I did that all in 3.5 weeks and spent a lot of time on planes, but did get to see lots of great sites like the temple town Kamakura, Forbidden City ,The Great Wall, the Sphinx, Picasso's famous Geurnica, the ruins of Athens, and the many fountains in Rome. I still remember getting help on properly using the laundry machines in Vienna by a sweet little, old lady. The spinning function is a separate machine there unlike washers in the U.S. and though she spoke no English she was very helpful. She also handed me a magazine and pointed insistently to Prince William on the cover. She thought I would be interested. :-) The UK was not on my tour, so... no, I didn't meet the Prince. :-)

5. My husband and I are both foodies. We're obsessed with great food. My favorite all time haute cuisine experience was at French Laundry - I love that place. I hope I'll be able to squeeze into Thomas Keller's Per Se the next time I'm in New York. Our favorite gelatoria is in Castellini in Chianti--Antica Delizia - there's only one there. It must be the best gelato in the world. I'm glad they're not within driving distance. I'm lucky that my husband is a great cook. I'd rather wash the dishes. :-)

As for the next victims of this game: Tim Aidlin, Don Campbell, Ben Riga, Steve Lange. Tag! You're it.