I was soooo ecstatic when I found out eScrum was going to be available on our IT supported TFS instance. Evangelism Network started really scrumming in March when I moved into the team. As with any process it takes a while to get the hang of things and really understand how things are supposed to work. It makes an enormous difference to have tools support to ease the transition. I can't remember exactly when that internal announcement went out about eScrum but it was sometime after March and then we had a delay for our specific project since we already had an exisiting TFS project. I think we were one of the first teams to benefit from eScrum injection - so rather than having to start a new TFS project and lose the version history by starting anew, we had the eScrum team just inject the eScrum template over our MSF Agile template. We've been on this now for a couple weeks and as the PM on team I'm super happy about it. We had a hodgepodge of tools including some homegrown stuff - none of which integrated with TFS prior to this and it really made managing the Product Backlog with Sprint planning and tracking of tasks a royal pain. I will however acknowledge that Sampy's enforcer bat at the daily scrums was a great idea! It was really easy to set up the product backlog and the sprints with the web interface and I really enjoyed the benefits of TFS' Excel integration by wholesale copying current product backlog items into Excel and publishing them into TFS. It's really funny to be on the other side as a real user - no longer the official evangelist for TFS. I did find on a search on eScrum in the public domain that it sounds like there are issues with getting it up and running initially. I hope Bil gives it another shot. On a side note the injection option isn't something available in the download that I know of. It seems to be an experimental thing right now and I certainly hope that option as well as installation improvements are right around the corner. Perhaps my buddy Brian Keller - Mr. VSTS Evangelist himself knows something more about this.