Graham Elliott

Microsoft Services Architect

April, 2006

  • Graham Elliott

    A Practical Answer to an Age-Old Question

    One of the best things about having Windows Communication Foundation in my “arsenal” now is that it gives me practical support for a snazzy answer to an age-old question: Should I design my solution to use Web Services, .NET remoting, Enterprise...
  • Graham Elliott

    Get the March CTP of ASP.NET codename "Atlas"

    As someone who spent a lot of their formative years doing web development, I have a good appreciation of the pains associated with delivering rich and compelling web interfaces (which now that I think of it… largely explains why I became such a Smart...
  • Graham Elliott

    WinFX Series: Putting it into practice

    Last Thursday I ran the second session of " The WinFX Series " at CITC - A lap around WinFX . We drilled down on some of the key concepts around Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, and Windows Presentation Foundation. ...
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