While not in the same league as this ... I was completely shattered this weekend when I turned on my Xbox for a little 1:on:1 GoW action with the Bumble Bee Boy and was presented with this:

Also known as the Ring of Death it pretty much means my Xbox has "experienced" a critical hardware failure (I wonder if that's similar to experiencing nirvana?).

After sobbing in the corner for an hour and planning new and creative uses for my new $600 door-stop... I called the Xbox support line and was phenomenally impressed with the service which basically resulted in them emailing me a (pre-paid) shipping label to slap on my Xbox to send back to get serviced.

Noice... wonder when I'll get it back?

On the silver-lining-of-the-cloudy-thingo side, better this happen now then in April when my warranty expires. :-)