For a few years now I have been using the IDesign C# Coding Standard as a reference (although I think I actually committed it to memory a long time ago) for my C# projects as it provides a nice concise, short-sharp (but comprehensive) set of practical standards for everything from naming conventions to serializer formatter choices.

So I was veeeerrryyy excited to find out yesterday that Juval Löwy has just released the new IDesign WCF Coding Standard.

published 2007

Now that I have this, I can probably retire my previous IT bible that has served me well since highschool..

published 1985

This is probably a good thing as it doesn't contain any references to Microsoft.... although I bet you didn't know that a modern day computer has 36000 (36k) of RAM and it might communicate with discs or tapes holding ten times that amount :-).