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    New SQL Server 2008 DMV which I noticed this week - sys.dm_os_sys_memory


    In the continuing series of "things I notice in SQL Server which I didn't know were there", I noticed the very simple but very useful sys.dm_os_sys_memory earlier this week.

    Why do I like this? Well obviously you can extract the memory information exposed by the OS in a number of different places, but as much as anything, I like the simple record of the state of the CreateMemoryResourceNotification Function , from the system_low_memory_signal_state column in the DMV.

    We've added this into the internel PSSDIAG / SQLDIAG perfstats scripts for 2008 (which is where I noticed it). For those of you that use proactive monitoring and record the state of your system over time, this is a good simple set of data to record.

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