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  • Blog Post: SQL Server Compilation Bottlenecks – Error: 8628, Severity: 17, State: 0. – Part 1

    [alternative title: Memory Troubleshooting using DBCC MEMORYSTATUS] The following samples are taken from a live problem I was working on for most of last week. The steps might well help you resolve an occurrence of the above error, but the methodology might help you with some general performance and...
  • Blog Post: Starting SQLDIAG or PSSDIAG automatically using SQL Alerts

    This is something I was thinking about this week whilst chatting with a customer. I've done it before on occasions, but never really documented it. Consider the fact that you have a problem which occurs extremely intermittently, let's say on average every 3 months for the sake of argument. Based upon...
  • Blog Post: Performance Problems in SQL Server - What data should I collect?

    If you ever talk to me or any of my colleagues in the SQL Server PSS support team, and you have a suspected SQL Server performance problem, you’ll undoubtedly be asked to run the PSSDIAG tool which usually collects the data that we need. This tool acts as a one stop shop for us to pick up a variety...
  • Blog Post: Somewhere to start

    Following my guest posts with Tess, here and here , I thought it would be interesting to expand some of the topics further, so here we are. First off I'll start with a revision of the "what data to collect" post, with a couple of small additions.
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