TFS Adoption at Microsoft – November 2008

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TFS Adoption at Microsoft – November 2008

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Every month our internal teams put together statistics on the TFS servers deployed at Microsoft. Previous statistics can be found here:

One of the noteworthy milestones this month is total Work Items stored has now surpassed the 3,000,000 mark.  We’re also approaching 50 million Source Files stored. 

Here’s the summary of growth indicators for the month:

November 2008



Unique Active Users



Total Active Users






Work Items



Source Code Files



Total Builds



The Service Offering consists of 27 instances, 24 running on TFS 2008 SP1 and 3 running very early Rosario bits.


The total number of active unique users has grown 9% since July.  Also, as a reminder, In July 2008, the number of active users was adjusted to report on unique users only, eliminating duplicates across instances:


  • Very cool to see this posted.

    It's nice to see 15,308 users on how about the other 65,000 Microsoft employees.

    Everyone at Microsoft should have work items and should grok the goodness that is TFS. Tally ho!

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